Robert Hebblethwaite  


March 2014: Towards a Digital Civic

'Digital information technologies, networks and forms of communication are destroying traditional notions of place. Discuss in relation to your own response as a designer...'

April 2013: Carver's Warehouse: A Multi-Scaled Analysis of Conservation-Led Regeneration

Managed change is a philosophy that balances the need to preserve historic value, with the demand for economic reuse. Design, as a holistic process, can integrate conservation at multiple scales. Carver’s Warehouse (1806, renovated 2006-07) is a potent symbol of Manchester’s reinvention. Multi-scalar analysis examines its role as a historical anchor for Piccadilly Basin, a high-end office conversion, and the architectural details that made conversion a reality. The design approach ‘new lease of life with the minimal intervention’ reflects that physically and visually minimal additions can have a great influence on cultural value.

September 2012: Architect-Led Regeneration of Former Industrial Sites

Former manufacturing sites should be celebrated as providing useful space, which can be easily adapted to new infill. Personal work experience gained in Switzerland is related back to the UK. In particular, an expanded definition of the architect’s role is advocated, where architects assume developer characteristics, solicit their own projects, and engage with the community.